Shadoobie S.
started riding here with megan, when she first started up in '22. she is very warm, accommodating, and attentive, qualities that are hugely beneficial for a trail guide to assure a GREAT visit. megan grew up on this property, and with the ride comes the stories as such, which i love to hear when she tells them at certain landmarks. horses are very well mannered, stalls and stables, spotlessly clean, which is NOT an easy task when one keeps horses, lol. she uses fleece lined hackamore bits, which are effective, yet gentle on the horse's mouth. BONUS: she offers a quick, yet effective mini-lesson in the arena prior to hitting the trails, which is a great way to encourage confidence to apprehensive riders. after the lesson, we proceed outside, where other horses seem to be wishing us well on our journey. how i love seeing them running up, and whinnying! the trails are breathtaking, and variable....one minute you are on a wooded path where you might see a deer, and few moments later, on a huge open field-where suddenly FREEEEEDOMMMM! seems to "possess" you-i always feel like i want to just run wild and free, full speed through the vast openness, which of course i don't, because i can only walk and trot-and for safety/insurance reasons, walk and trot is pretty much what is allowed. the price for a 2 hr. ride is absolutely reasonable, and unique to our area. i highly recommend ANYONE with an interest or curiosity about horseback riding, to def. check out BLAZING TRAIL RIDES. (and please remember to TIP your trail guide) . you can thank me later. :) HAPPY TRAILS!
debora bump
***THE HORSE AND THE GUIDE, MAKE THE RIDE*** loved riding here! megan is very hospitable and personable. the horses are very well behaved, and the trails are beyond gorgeous! megan starts the ride inside the arena, with a "mini lesson", explaining basics; she has a positive, and kind approach to horseback riding, which i appreciate. a plus is hearing the stories she has to share about the areas we rode in..her adventures in the wintertime there as a child, drinking hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows where family had set up "huts" of sorts....the spot where she married, which sounded like a gorgeous event!...they even once had a christmas tree farm on the expansive property. a "bonus" for more experienced riders is that she allows us to ride side by side with friends, if we want, and not in a single file lane, yet she does a great job keeping an eye on ALL the riders. THIS PLACE IS GREAT!! best 2 hrs. you will have, everrr.....
Ulli Moser
Although we discovered this horse back riding stable on such short notice, we had an amazing experience there. We booked a 2 hour guided trail ride and were impressed by the kindness of the owner. Megan and her friend Talli made us feel welcome and gave us sooo many details about their horses. During the trail ride it felt like we are all friends. Afterwards we were still allowed to hang out at the stable and snuggle with horses and baby goats. Would highly recommend spending time at this horse stable. Thank you Megan and Talli!
Bethany Huffman
I got a pre-season trail ride with Megan at Blazing Trail Rides and would highly recommend! Van Etten farms and the surrounding area is a beautiful property and very unique to offer trotting (faster paced movement of the horse) even for beginners. We had a great time!
I recommend it 100%. We had a really great time. The horses are very sweet and well taught. The trail in the forest was very cool and our guide was very nice. We were three people with a different riding level and we all had a great time. We also could play with baby goats at the end.